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Rigid Waterproof Containers

The underground environment is extremely unforgiving and your backpack is likely to get frequently submerged in water, hauled up and down rocky pitches, bounced off walls, fallen on, dropped, dragged behind you on crawls and subjected to all manner of abuse.

The hardy contents of your backpack (such as your SRT gear) will generally be fine but everything else, including camera, mobile phone, car-keys, first-aid kit, dry clothes, spare batteries, and even your sandwiches need to go in a Daren Drum.

A Daren Drum is a strong fully-waterproof container with a big, easy-grip lid. They can be considered rigid waterproof back-pack liners, keeping all your gear dry and safe whilst being quite literally dragged through the rigors of the underground.

A Daren Drum is one of those investments you'll wonder how you managed without!

Even the small one is big enough for most cameras and a flash, and provides far more protection than a fabric camera bag which won't help with crushing and submersion in water. Stick your mobile phone and car-keys in too!

Also very useful for Canoing, Kayaking, diving, sailing, mountaineering or any activity where gear needs keeping dry and safe.

As they are food-grade, you could even fill them with Stew and bring them on club-meets!

We also stock several other waterproof containers suitable for keeping your gear safe from water and impact in the inderground environment.

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